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Welcome to the Scott Counsel Resource Library, featuring a full host of informative blog posts. These blog posts tackle a wide range of topics pertaining to estate planning and elder law, providing a wealth of information on topics like “The Importance of Using an Elder Attorney for Medicaid Application,” “Guardianship for Incapacitated Adults,” Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance”, and so much more.

There are so many financial and legal decisions that need to be made as you age. We hope these blog posts will help you make those decisions with confidence. Have questions after reading a blog post? Reach out to Scott Counsel for a FREE consultation. We’d love to meet you.

Essential Checklist: What to Bring to Assisted Living

Transitioning to assisted living can be a significant life change, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.
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The Importance of Getting Power of Attorney When Your Child Turns 18

As parents, we often worry about our children’s well-being, even as they grow into young adults. When your
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The Importance of Using an Elder Attorney for Medicaid Application

When it comes to navigating the complex and often overwhelming process of applying for Medicaid, enlisting the expertise
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Clients and Conflicts in Probate

Over the next few articles, we’ll take a step back and look at some ethical issues that can
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I’ve Got the Power, of Attorney!

Okay, okay, you got me. I apologize for my 80s T.V. reference, but I thought it was rather
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Trusts, and the Probate Process

It is likely that you’ve heard of a trust. In case you’re unsure what it is, though, a
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What Happens Without a Will?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I have a lot of stuff. I bet you probably
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The Importance of Having a Will

Okay, so, everyone probably already knows what a will is. If you’ve been around long enough, it’s likely
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Virtual Consultations Include the WHOLE Family

When families live far apart or seniors have mobility issues, a virtual meeting with Scott Counsel makes it easy to include everyone in the conversation.

Peace of mind starts with a FREE Consultation.