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A living will, often referred to as an advance directive, is a legal document that outlines your preferences for medical treatment in case you become unable to communicate your wishes due to illness or injury. By detailing your desires regarding medical interventions, life-sustaining treatments, and end-of-life care, a living will offers clarity and guidance to your loved ones and healthcare providers during challenging times. The team at Scott Counsel works diligently with clients to personalize their living will, infusing it with detail that family members might not have considered before. This document allows you to express your desires regarding quality of life, pain management, and other crucial aspects of medical care. Whether you wish to prioritize comfort over aggressive treatments or specify your preferences for palliative care, a living will empowers you to advocate for your future self.

Of course, it is simply not possible to anticipate all possible future healthcare needs. For this reason, Scott Counsel also recommends that clients have a healthcare power of attorney in place, giving a trusted family member or friend the ability to make medical decisions on your behalf when you cannot. A healthcare power of attorney does not override a living will. Instead, these two estate planning documents work together. Reach out to Scott Counsel today and get to work on your comprehensive estate plan.

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