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A guardianship is a legal arrangement where a guardian is entrusted with the care of others (usually younger children or compromised seniors) to address issues of age, mental incapacity, or physical disability. Whether it involves managing finances, making healthcare decisions, or simply offering companionship and support, a guardian plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the overall well-being of the individual under their care. Scott Counsel strongly encourages all clients to establish a guardianship within their estate plan.

The team at Scott Counsel has the expertise to craft a guardianship document that addresses the legal, financial, and medical needs of another with empathy and foresight. Do right by your family — start a comprehensive estate planning conversation with Scott Counsel today.

Virtual Consultations Include the WHOLE Family

When families live far apart or seniors have mobility issues, a virtual meeting with Scott Counsel makes it easy to include everyone in the conversation.

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