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Scott Counsel would be honored to work with veterans and their families to help them access all the benefits they are entitled to. One significant program is the Veterans Affairs (VA) Aid and Attendance benefit. It is a monthly supplement to the military pension, providing financial assistance to eligible veterans and their spouses who require help with daily living activities or who are housebound due to disability or illness. The VA health care system also offers comprehensive medical services tailored to the specific needs of veterans. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, veterans can access quality care from providers who understand the unique health concerns that may arise from their service. The VA also provides long-term care services, including nursing home care and home-based care, ensuring that veterans receive the support they need to maintain their health and wellbeing as they age.

The benefit application process is notoriously complex. Scott Counsel has the expertise needed to successfully navigate the system for you. Call us for a FREE consultation to learn more.

Virtual Consultations Include the WHOLE Family

When families live far apart or seniors have mobility issues, a virtual meeting with Scott Counsel makes it easy to include everyone in the conversation.

Peace of mind starts with a FREE Consultation.