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An estate plan is essentially a roadmap to ensure that your wishes are known and respected, providing clarity and guidance to the family and allowing you to leave a legacy that extends far beyond material possessions. When you partner with Scott Counsel, our estate planning team will help you craft a thorough estate plan that not only safeguards your assets, but also addresses the complex legalities surrounding estate distribution.

Comprehensive estate planning encompasses each of these details:

  • Power of Attorney: Gives an appointed person the legal power to handle your finances or make medical decisions.
  • Will: Determines who inherits what, names a guardian for minor children, and identifies your estate’s personal representative (executor).
  • Living Will: Identifies which life-extending measures you want when you cannot speak for yourself.
  • Trust: Supplements a will and is an excellent vehicle for reaping tax savings
  • Guardianship: Names an adult to care for minor children or may also be a representative with the legal authority to make decisions for a person who is unable to make their own.
  • Estate Tax Planning: A strategic plan to reduce potential estate tax liability by either reducing the amount of property in the taxable estate or minimizing the valuation of the property in the taxable estate.
  • Special Needs Trust: This specialized trust provides for individuals with special needs for their entire life, while preserving their eligibility for Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

The time you take to craft a comprehensive estate plan today will save your family from panic in the future. It all starts with a call to Scott Counsel for a FREE consultation.

Virtual Consultations Include the WHOLE Family

When families live far apart or seniors have mobility issues, a virtual meeting with Scott Counsel makes it easy to include everyone in the conversation.

Peace of mind starts with a FREE Consultation.