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Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products

A harsh reality of today’s society is that many people feel an expectation or desire to look younger than their actual age. Consider how many anti-aging products are currently on the market.  Even people who don’t actually need anti-aging products are using them! Thus, it is not a great surprise that unsuspecting older adults and seniors can become easy targets for scammers promising the newest and best in anti-aging products. After all, there are some who may feel it is necessary to hide their true age via “miracle” products in order to feel more accepted in social circles or society in general.

Besides buying products, people often seek out other medical alternatives, like Botox or plastic surgery. Like many other services offered to the public, medicine is not immune from scammers. They may promise younger, better-looking skin through Botox scams or some type of homeopathic remedy that doesn’t actually fix anything at all.

Scams involving Botox can be quite dangerous, since many labs creating fake Botox are often working with the real root ingredient, botulism neurotoxin. This is, in fact, one of the most toxic substances available. These fake miracle products can often produce side effects far more dangerous to a person and their health than simply living with wrinkles or aging skin. A person’s life can literally be at stake, so it is important to be guarded and educated when it comes to any kind of beauty or anti-aging product that seems suspicious.


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