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A lot of grown children often worry about what their aging parents are going to do when a need arises and they aren’t there to help because they have moved away. After all, we all want to take care of our parents and make sure they’re being taken care of in our stead if we can’t be there ourselves. So, what are some things you can do to help take care of your parent(s) if you don’t live close by?

First of all, you can go to a doctor’s appointment with them if they allow you to, and this can help you get a better handle on what your parent’s level of health currently is. You can also ask your parent to fill out a release form that will allow their doctor to discuss their healthcare with you.

If you do make an appointment, remember to take a list of any questions you might have for the doctor, and also take notes! Doing so can be helpful to the primary caregiver, or used to remind the parent of what the doctor said.

You can also ask about and look into any available community resources the doctor might recommend. Bigger hospitals or medical practices might even have a social worker on-site that you may be able to schedule a meeting with.

We all want the best for our parents, and we want to provide for them, even if we aren’t physically there to do it. These are just a few quick examples of ideas that we can use to give our parent the best care possible, and make sure they’re being cared for, even when we’re not around.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with Elder Care law issues, call 856-281-3131. Let us help ease your stress and give you a plan.

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