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What You need to Know when Reporting Nursing Home Abuse.

Reporting nursing home abuse is crucial to protect the well-being of vulnerable residents and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. If you suspect or witness nursing home abuse, here are
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What Puts the Elderly Population at Risk for Abuse?

Several factors can put the elderly population at risk for abuse. Understanding these risk factors is essential for preventing and addressing elder abuse effectively. Some common factors that contribute to
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What is Funeral Home Negligence?

Funeral home negligence refers to situations where a funeral home fails to provide the expected level of care, respect, and professionalism in handling the remains of a deceased individual and
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What is Elderly Self Neglect?

Self-neglect in the context of elder abuse refers to situations where an older adult fails to meet their own basic needs for health, safety, and well-being. Unlike other forms of
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