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Social Security, Pensions, and Veterans’ Affairs

We’ve talked a lot about probate in previous articles, but you may still be foggy on how the probate process deals with things like social security, pensions, or even Veteran Affairs. We want to get you the answers you need, so let’s get started!

Like a great many other government-run programs, Social Security can be more than a little confusing, but it can also greatly benefit us as well. So, what does it do? One of the things it does is give surviving family members what are known as survivor’s benefits, along with any other benefits to any eligible person(s). Such benefits might include things like monthly payments or, if you prefer, a lump sum death payment.

Anyone who is a widow or widower, or any minor children or other family members might be eligible to receive benefits, but only if applicable.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with Elder Care law issues, call 856-281-3131. Let us help ease your stress and give you a plan.

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