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Understanding VA Pensions

Thanks to the pension program provided to veterans by Veterans’ Affairs, those wartime veterans (and their survivors) who need financial help can receive benefit payments every month. Let’s look at some vital information both veterans and survivors should know regarding the pension program. But first, let’s answer this question:

What are Pension Benefits?

Simply put, a pension is a benefit that is based on need and is paid to a wartime veteran and his or her survivor(s). A veteran can be eligible if he or she:

  • Was discharged from service under other than dishonorable conditions, AND
  • Served 90 days or more of active military, naval or air service with at least 1 day being during the war period, AND
  • His or her income is below the maximum annual pension rate, AND
  • Meets the net worth limitations, AND
  • Is aged 65 or above, OR is shown via evidence to have a permanent and total non-service-connected disability, OR is a patient in a nursing home, OR is receiving Social Security disability benefits.

Those who began active duty after September 7, 1980 must also have served a minimum of two years of active duty service. If the entirety of service is less than 24 months, the veteran must have completed his or her entire tour of duty.

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